SOLEXX - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer 8 Ft x 8 Ft Greenhouses Solexx
SOLEXX - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer 8 Ft x 8 Ft Greenhouses Solexx 3.5 mm
SOLEXX - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer 8 Ft x 8 Ft Greenhouses Solexx
SOLEXX - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer 8 Ft x 8 Ft Greenhouses Solexx

Solexx - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer 8 Ft x 8 Ft

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    Solexx - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer

    The little greenhouse with a whole lot of room! The Early Bloomer Greenhouse kit is a functional, affordable starter greenhouse for anyone from beginner to master gardener. Get an early start on planting seeds, and extend your harvest through the winter. A great all-around greenhouse ideal for tall plants or small trees - the 6'3" height gives you plenty of room to grow. The strong composite framed base (they same material used to make bridges) makes it sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, and a large 19" x 30" vent assembly is included to maintain plenty of air circulation for healthy plants.

    This lightweight hobby greenhouse is portable, so you can set it right over your garden in order to get an early start planting seeds and an extended harvest in the fall. Two easy-access hanging rods at a convenient height run the entire length of the greenhouse for all of your favorite hanging plants. Best of all, it's covered with Solexx™ XP panels to increase heat retention and provide optimal diffused light.

    Solexx - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer

    10 Year Limited Warranty          

    Insulated 3.5mm Solexx XP twin-wall panels

    5mm Solexx Pro panel upgrade available for high altitude/heavy snow areas

    Heavy-duty composite frame (the same material used to make bridges)

    2 Full-length hanging rods

    Sturdy built-in base that requires no foundation - just find a level spot in your yard!

    Large 19" x 30" back vent

    Easy-assemble fittings


    Amazing Solexx greenhouse covering

    Strong, shatter-proof Solexx panels stand up to wind, hail, and snow and are backed by an 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. The twin-wall panels create an evenly diffused light for optimal plant growth, plus they are insulated to help keep your heating costs low.

    Full-length hanging rods support your heavy plants!

    The steel-reinforced hanging rods give you the perfect place to winter over your prized hanging plants.

    Strong easy-to-assemble steel fittings

    The anodized steel fittings throughout the Early Bloomer Greenhouse offer superior strength and fast assembly. Just insert the pre-cut, color-coded frame pieces and tighten down the eye bolts.

    Fresh air keeps plants healthy

    This extra large vent promotes healthy plant growth by bringing in fresh air to your plants. An optional solar vent opener opens and closes the vent when you're away.

    Solexx - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer


    Dimensions: 8'W x 8'L x 6'3"H
    Sidewall Height: N/A
    Door Dimensions: 29"W x 67"T
    Warranty: 10 Year prorated warranty against UV degradation
    Delivery Method: UPS
    Shelves Included: No
    Vents Included: Large Back Vent
    Hanging Rods: Two full-length hanging rods
    Base Required: No base needed. Just find a level space in your yard, on concrete or deck.
    Frame Material: Composite
    Greenhouse Covering: 3.5mm Solexx XP twin-wall panels.
    Season Rating: 4 Season - Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
    Insulating R Value: 2.1R
    Wind Resistance: Excellent
    Light Quality: Excellent, highly diffused light
    Easy of Assembly: Moderate. Allow a weekend to assemble.
    Upkeep and Maintenance: Low. Rinse with soap and water
    Replacement Panel Availability: Easy to replace
    Ability to Add Exhaust Fan: Yes

    Solexx - Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Early Bloomer

    Who is this greenhouse best for?
    Because this greenhouse is so inexpensive, it is great for anyone looking to start into greenhouse gardening. It is easily adaptable and can be used throughout the year, allowing you to use the greenhouse to its full potential no matter where you live or what you would like to grow. Although this greenhouse is often chosen by beginners, it is durable and carries an 8-year warranty, which ensures that this greenhouse will continue to serve you for many years as your hobby develops. Other more experienced growers also prefer these economical greenhouses because they can have several and customize them based on what they wish to grow inside.

    Can I use this greenhouse year-round?
    This greenhouse is perfect for those who are looking to start gardening year-round. Because the paneling is insulated, it will hold in heat well during cold weather and keep your heating costs low if you choose to add heat. It also stays naturally cooler than other greenhouses do in warm weather, allowing you to use it even during hot weather.

    Does this greenhouse feature a warranty?
    This greenhouse features an 8-year warranty. The panels and frame are meant to be long-lasting and durable. If the panels should ever become damaged they can easily and inexpensively be replaced, allowing you to continue using the frame for many more years to come.

    Is the Early Bloomer a Solexx greenhouse?
    The Early Bloomer greenhouse features Solexx paneling, but is different in some ways from the other Solexx greenhouses. Although it still features a composite frame, it does not have the built-in bench frames that other greenhouses such as the Gardener's Oasis offer. It is also shorter (6'3") and comes in only one size (8'x8').

    What is Solexx paneling?
    Solexx paneling is a unique greenhouse covering material designed to provide excellent insulation and light diffusion. This will enable you to use your Early Bloomer greenhouse throughout the entire year, making it a very versatile and practical greenhouse.

    How well will this greenhouse stand up to wind and snow?
    This greenhouse is amazingly strong! The frame is tough and can support snow without a problem. Because the roof is rounded, most snow will slide off on its own. Provided that the greenhouse is properly tied down (which you should do with any greenhouse), this greenhouse won't have a problem with wind. These greenhouses have even made it through hurricanes!

    Does this greenhouse feature bench-frames like other Solexx greenhouses?
    This greenhouse differs from other Solexx greenhouses because it does not have the same built-in bench frames. However, this greenhouse is perfect for those looking to keep tall plants or hanging baskets inside, or for those that would prefer to use the greenhouse like a cold frame.

    How can I add shelving to this greenhouse?
    Many people have added homemade shelving to this greenhouse by building a simple wood frame and placing a screen material on top of the frame. You can also put one of our great potting benches inside.

    Can I hang plants in this greenhouse?
    Unlike many other greenhouses, the Early Bloomer greenhouse features steel-reinforced hanging rods capable of supporting all your plants. Imagine being able to over-winter all of your favorite hanging baskets!

    Is the vent automated?
    The vent that comes standard in this greenhouse is manually operated. However, it is possible to add a solar opener that will automatically open and close the vent for you as the temperature changes if you would like. You may also upgrade to the large louvered vent used in other Solexx greenhouses if you prefer.

    Can I add an exhaust fan?
    It is easy to add extra fans and vents to this greenhouse. An exhaust fan can be installed in place of the back vent. This is crucial in warm weather when greenhouses often become too hot for some plants.

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