Infrared Saunas vs. Traditional Saunas

Infrared Vs Traditional Saunas

Comparison Item Infrared Traditional
Temperature 90-135 F
Dry Radiant
180-233 F
Moist or Dry
Sweat Sweat up to 3 times as much.
80% Water, 20% Toxins, Heavy Metals etc.
97% Water, 3% Toxins, Heavy Metals etc.
Air Fresh, No Steam and Comfortable High Humidity, Very Hot
Health Benefits Pain Relief, Detoxification, Increased Circulation, Weight Loss, Lowered Blood Pressure Cholesterol, Cellulite Removal Moderate Detoxification, Pain Relief and Weight Loss. Restricted by limited time users can stay in.
Plumbing Required No Yes
Electrical Required Depends from Model Yes
Mold and Mildew No Yes
Portability Yes No
Stereo and Electronics Yes No
Warm up Time 10-15 minutes 30+ minutes
Set up Time 45-60 minutes Several Days
Electrical Costs $0.11/hour Can be expensive depending on unit size.